Why surfing at the Surf Project really helps

Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 13.50.37 BLOG(Read this in Dutch) Last week BNR Nieuwsradio gave us the opportunity to talk about the Surf Project. About how surfing can make a big, positive impact on the lifes of children who face some difficulties in their lifes. BNR asked WHY SURFING? Of course in the media there is limited time to express yourself. Well here’s the complete answer.

We see children change during our three weeks courses. Why? What happens?

Doe eens Normaal denkt Sam

Overcome anxieties

At the Surf Project it’s the whole package that counts. Children come in for the intake, shy, curious, exited and sometimes afraid of the new situation. We take away the first anxieties by showing them pictures of the project and show them what they can expect. Telling them about the other kids and volunteers who had so much fun. At the mean time we give the kids and their parents confidence about our structure and security measures.


After three surf lessons children already become different persons.


Concentration at sea

First its the sea. At sea everybody is equal. The flow of the sea makes you forget everything. And just concentrate on what you are doing.

Surfing is known as a cool and extreme sport. So if you are able to participate in this sport you must be pretty cool yourself. Your selfesteem grows.


Surf buddies

Then, very important, the Surf Project makes sure the kids have the same buddy all the time. They get confident by seeing the same face. After three lessons they have a bond that goes beyond ‘thank you’ and ‘see you next time’.

Also we form small teams. So the children belong to a team and their own colour. This helps them grow their social skills.

And at the same time, they don’t have to play together to win. There is no competition. Everybody is a winner. You surf with your team and be happy for everybody who glides with the waves. You see a lot of high fives and you hear people yelling.

Children often take their whole family to the beach. This works for everybody. Parents, or even grandparents, see how much fun their kid is having on the board. Seeing them in such a positive, healthy and even cool setting makes them feel proud.

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After three lessons we celebrate their courage with a well deserved medal and a diplome.

Finally maybe our essential aspect, we work with so many lovely and important volunteers. Without whom the Surf Project wouldn’t exist. All the people who join the Surf Project choose to be there. They are extremely motivated to help and share their own passion with these kids. This makes the atmosphere incredibly positive and happy.

Want to hear more?

We have some pretty nice stories about cool surfers who faced their fears and showed more selfconfidence because of the Surf Project. Coming soon at our website. In the mean time you can watch all our beautiful pictures or listen below to the interview at BNR Nieuwsradio (Dutch). Stay tuned!